Merry-Mint Trio Christmas Cross Stitch by Brian Jackins



Dive into a festive stitching fiesta with our Merry-Mint Trio Christmas cross stitch pattern– a holiday home for your needle magic! 🏠✨

Imagine a cozy cottage adorned with twinkling lights and festive wreaths, a cross-stitch haven that captures the warmth of holiday cheer. Stitch by stitch, this pattern transforms your fabric into a yuletide retreat, where every window glows with stitched coziness.

But the festive stitching extravaganza doesn’t stop there! Meet our elf holding a candy cane pattern – an elfin delight with a dash of sugary sweetness. Picture mischievous eyes, pointy ears, and a candy cane clutched in tiny hands, all crafted with the magic of stitches. This elf is ready to sprinkle your stitching with holiday cheer and a hint of mischief.

Drumroll, please, for our Christmas drum cross stitch pattern – a rhythmic masterpiece that marches to the beat of festive creativity! Picture vibrant drums adorned with festive ribbons, inviting you to drum up some stitching joy. Each stitch is a beat in the holiday rhythm, creating a symphony of festive flair on your fabric canvas.

Adorn your space with stitched merriment or gift these patterns to fellow craft enthusiasts. Each stitch is a note in the holiday melody, transforming your fabric into a festive showcase. Whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or a yuletide novice, these patterns are the key to unlocking a world of holiday creativity.

So, grab your needle, cue the holiday tunes, and let the stitching festivities begin! 🎄🧵🎁

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Stitch Counts:

Candy Cottage – 58×68

Captain Timothy – 41×70

My Drum – 32×61

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Happy Stitching!

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