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Stitching for Charity

Support and Raising Awareness

Cross stitching is an amazing, relaxing and rewarding hobby.  But for some, it is more than just a hobby.  It is a way to give back to a community, raise awareness, and to show support or to make gifts for friends and family.  I know personally, I get great satisfaction and joy stitching things for others more than I do for myself.

I have stitched so many things over the 30+ years that I have been stitching and only about 3 or so of those have been done for me.

Christmas of 2014 was the first time I organized cross stitch for charity.  I asked for volunteers to stitch something to be given to children living in a children’s home here in my home town.  Below is all the things that were stitched for these children and then delivered by me to the home.

There is not much that can compare to the feeling of knowing we were giving something made from our hearts to children that may not have much of anything to call their own.

Since then I have come across other cross stitch charity projects as well as creating one of my one own.

As I continue to add on to my site, I plan on doing stories on each of cross stitch charity projects and then posting and sharing the stories.  As I do so, I will be adding each one to the list.  If there is a group associated with the project, the name will be linked to the story for you to click to read more information and how to join to help their cause.

Cross Stitch Charity Projects

Ronald McDonald House Project

Rainbows for Peace and Comfort


2 thoughts on “Stitching for Charity

  1. I hope to use this site as a reference for my many and varied interests.

    1. Lina,

      Great! I plan on continuing to add new stuff as much as possible and am sure I will come up with many more great ideas to make it versatile to meet many needs! 🙂 At least that is my plan!

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