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Learn To Cross Stitch – Great Tips To Get You Started!

Whether you are 7 or 70, male or female, anyone can learn to cross stitch. I learned when I was 14 and was taught by my mother.

What materials do I need?

Here is a list of the basic materials you will need to get started. If you start with a kit, some of these materials will be included in the kit:

  1. Scissors
  2. Needle
  3. Pattern (included in a kit)
  4. Fabric (included with a kit)
  5. Thread (included with a kit)
  6. Q Snap frame, hoop or scroll rod frame

Now let’s talk about a couple of these materials.

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Must Have Tools for Cross Stitching!

If you are just beginning to cross stitch, you might think that all you need is just a needle and thread and you are good to go, right?

I know that is what I thought and continued to think for many years, but then I joined a Facebook group  for stitchers and boy, did I find out how much more there is to make my cross stitching so much more fun!

I am now admin of a great Facebook group called Cross Stitch Club…please come join us if you are not yet a member!  It’s a great and caring community of stitchers from around the world and we have a lot of fun!

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Hoops, Q Snaps or Scroll Rod Frames?

Hoops, Q Snap Frames, or Scroll Rod Frames?

If you are just starting the wonderful hobby of cross stitching, chances are you have no clue what a Q Snap frame is.  I know I didn’t!  But now I do and I LOVE them!  Most likely you know what a hoop is, but maybe not so I will talk a bit about them first.  Here is a cross stitch hoop. These are what I started stitching on.

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Q Snap, Hoop and Scroll Rod Covers

Q Snap Frames

Another item that I wished I had known about when I first started stitching was Q snap frames!  These are awesome for avoiding the marks that hoops can leave and are easier to keep your fabric tight while stitching.  This is what they look like and you can get them here.  I can make any size q snap covers (aka q snap grime guards) with the fabric of your choice.  Click here  to see my gallery of fabrics you can choose from.  If you do not see one you like or have something specific in mind, please let me know and I can get it (or at least make every attempt possible).

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