Belles Pensees “Beautiful Thoughts” By Brian Jackins


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Embark on a stitching journey with our Pansies and Tea Cross Stitch Pattern – a floral tea-time masterpiece! 🌺☕✨

Picture vibrant pansies dancing on your fabric canvas, each stitch a petal, creating a floral tapestry of joy.

Now, imagine two charming teacups, delicate steam rising, accompanied by freshly baked scones, perfectly stitched for a tea-time delight.

But wait, there’s more! A tiny scroll unfurls, revealing a whimsical poem, each word delicately stitched, adding a touch of literary charm.

This cross-stitch pattern isn’t just a project; it’s a stroll through a blooming garden, a sip of aromatic tea, and a literary escapade.

Adorn your space with stitched blooms, inviting the beauty of pansies indoors. Display it proudly, a tribute to the simple joys of tea and the written word.

Whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or a novice in the needle-and-thread world, this pattern is your ticket to an artistic tea party.

So, grab your needle, savor the stitching journey, and let the Pansies and Tea Cross Stitch Pattern bloom on your fabric canvas! 🌼🫖🧵

“Belles Pensees” is French for “Beautiful Thoughts”.  Pensees is also French for “pensive”, which means being engaged in serious thought.  We tend to use the time we stitch to relax and reflect on our inner thoughts as we stitch.


Stitch count – 140w x 210h

Belles Penees uses 31 DMC colors, two of which are part of the newest colors DMC released in 2017:  26, 27, 155, 157, 154, 208, 209, 210, 211, 307, 333, 445, 524, 611, 612, 676, 680, 699, 701, 702, 728, 729, 738, 791, 794, 890, 945, 3740, 3828, 3862, 5200


We value the input and suggestions from our fans and customers.  So if you have ideas and would like to be involved in the process of helping to create new designs, please come join us in our Facebook group Luv 4 Cross Stitch.

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