Peacock Plume by Brian Jackins



Embark on a stitchy adventure with our Peacock Plume Feather cross stitch pattern – a dazzling masterpiece for enthusiasts and beginners alike! 🧵✨

Firstly, envision the canvas as your stitching playground, where vibrant hues come together in a tapestry of avian elegance. Each thread weaves a chromatic symphony, transitioning seamlessly from mesmerizing blues to enchanting greens and majestic purples. It’s not just a pattern; it’s a palette of regal radiance.

Shift focus to the stitches; they’re not mere loops and knots but the dance moves in the peacock’s plumage waltz. Explore the stitching intricacies, breathe life into the plume, strand by strand, crafting a masterpiece that mirrors a peacock’s majestic strut.

Transition into creativity mode as the pattern becomes your artistic accomplice. Imagine the peacock plume as your stitching star, gracing cushions to wall art with flair. It’s not just cross stitch; it’s extraordinary transformation.

Whether you’re a seasoned stitching virtuoso or a fledgling in the needle-and-thread world, this pattern is your ticket to avian elegance. It’s not just about stitching; it’s about creating a plume paradise, where every thread tells a tale of vibrant whimsy. So, grab your needle, cue the colors, and let the Peacock Plume Feather Cross Stitch Pattern be your guide to a stitch-tastic showcase! 🌈🦚🎨


The count is 200 x 200. Impressive as a throw pillow!

This pattern uses all DMC colors.   The pattern is black and white, however, if you prefer working from a color chart, you can email us at after you have purchased the pattern and we will gladly email you a PDF of the pattern with color blocks and symbols.

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