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Scissor Fobs and Needleminders

Get the best scissor fobs and needleminders made only for YOU! You can customize them with your favorite colors, charm of your choice and even put your name (or any name) on it.  Have a favorite photo of a pet, child, or grandchild that you would love to be able to look at when you are stitching?  Take that photo and get your own personalized needleminder!

Scissor Fobs

Don’t know what a scissor fob is? Don’t feel bad, neither did I until just a few years ago and I have been stitching for 20+ years! This is what they look like:

These scissor fobs are attached to the end of your scissors to make them easier to grab (plus they add a little beauty to the scissors).  You can have ones like these made personalized with any name or word you want with the color beads you want by visiting Fae’s Crafty Creations.

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