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Retreats Outside the US in 2018

Below you will find cross stitch retreats being held all over the world. If you are hosting or know of any other retreats that are not on this list, please email me all the details to and I will gladly add it.

Craft Santuary

Various dates and places – for more details visit…

Cross Stitch Guild Events and Classes with Jane Greenoff

Various dates and places in the UK – for more details visit https://www.thecrossstitchguil…


3 thoughts on “Retreats Outside the US in 2018

  1. Wish we had another date for uk as no-one coming north of the border. Anybody know of any.

    1. Catherine,

      I wish I could come back EVERY year to do one..but unfortunately unless I start making big bucks…just isn’t It was so much fun and really didn’t want to come home.

  2. Fae, I’d be ok to put my UK retreats on here if you wish. But up to you. You are part of my UK Stitching group I believe.

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