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2019 Cross Stitch Club Retreat – Nashville, TN (Needlepointers welcome too!)

Come join me and lots of fellow stitchers in Nashville, TN for a rockin’ cross stitch retreat!

Event Details

Where: Hilton Nashville Airport – 2200 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN

When: August 9th-11th, 2019 (there will also be a Meet and Greet on the evening of Aug 8th, 2019 and the event will end at 12 Noon on Sunday, Aug 11th, 2019)

Registration cost – $170 ($40 of this is a non-refundable deposit)- this covers your entrance to the event for all 3 days as well as a lunch buffet on Friday and a dinner buffet on Saturday evening.

Refund Policy – Full refunds (minus the $40 deposit) can only be given up through June 1st, 2019. Any cancellations between June 2nd, 2019 and July 4th, 2019 will only be refunded for half the registration cost. Any cancellations made after July 4th, 2019 are not eligible for any refund.

If you think you will be able to attend and can’t pay the full registration right away, you can make partial payments to me of at least $40 to reserve your spot with the remainder of the payment being due no later than July 4th, 2019. Please feel free to PM me (Fae Kuhn) to discuss this or send me an email to

Cost of hotel rooms: $179/night (does not include any breakfast) – you will be responsible for booking your own rooms.  A special online booking link has been set up for our group and you will have access to that link when you join the 2019 Cross Stitch Retreat – Nashville, TN Facebook group (or you can email me at if you are not on FB).  You will need a valid credit card to hold your reservation, but you will not be charged until checkout.


Guest Designers

Erica Michaels Designs

Susan GreeningDavis – Still Stitching

Janis Note – Noteworthy Needle

Bonnie Woomer – Nebby Needle


Needleworkers Delight aka Silkweavers (Fabric vendor)

Trulyn2stitching Designs

Bushmountain Stitchery

Under The Sea Fabrics




Turn Turn – taught by Janis Note

Turn Turn
Turn Turn – $50 – 2 hr class- min 6







Pumpkin Hole Punch – taught by Janis Note

You bring your own pumpkin and Janis will be providing a lovely Fall pattern and showing you how to punch the holes in the pumpkin where you can then stitch the design onto the pumpkin.

pic of stitched pumpkins
Pumpkin Hole Punch – $25 – 1 hr class – min 6







Very Berry Finishing – taught by  Linda Stolz (Erica Michaels Designs)

Berries, berries, everywhere from Erica Michaels Designs! One of the easiest “smalls” to finish, we’ll talk about the differences in stitching and finishing the silk versus linen berries, review basic assembly, plus lots of show-and-tell with a variety of fun top treatments. You’ll get an exclusive linen berry chart with a Nashville theme – plus everything you need to make your own custom wool pins. No pre-class stitching necessary.

Very berry finishing pic
Very Berry Finishing – $35 – 1.5 hr class – min 10







Sampler Book Finishing – taught by Linda Stolz (Erica Michael Designs)

Do you have your copy of The Sampler Book – perhaps from several years ago, or just recently? Are you working on these pages? Just getting started? Even if you have only some of this project stitched, you can benefit from this workshop!  If you don’t have The Sampler Book, you can get it from most retailers.

Sampler Book Finishing - Erica Michaels Designs
Sampler Book Finishing Class – $25 – 2 hr class – min 8







Silk Gauze 101 – Create! – taught by Linda Stolz (Erica Michaels Designs)

This adorable little hornbook is embellished with a bit of stitching on 40ct silk gauze, combined with little bits and pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind miniature collage. Whether you are a beginner or experienced with gauze, you will find it easy to work this quick design. A companion design for 30ct gauze is also included, so you can choose which you prefer for your class time – both designs are small and ideal for a quick finish!

Silk Gauze 1010 - Erica Michaels Designs
Silk Gauze 101- Create! – $40 – 2 hr class – min 8








So Let’s Finish the Stitching!!

Susan Greening Davis has been a creator of “self-finishing” projects, WITHOUT A SEWING MACHINE, for over 45 years!

Simple, slick and professional your finishing will be!
Susan has written a small booklet full of tips and info (included in class). She has created a checklist (included in class) of what you need on hand, AND a special “fold-up” bucket (included in class) that you will use to keep your “stuff” together! This cute red bucket has a piece of banding that you will stitch “my finishing bucket” and secure it on…..NO safety pins anymore!

Come join Susan for the class that you will USE over and over and over and over and love your finishing! ****always a few surprises, too!

pic of bucket for Let's finish the stitching class
Let’s Finish the Stitching!
1 hr class – $35 – min 6








I started hosting these retreats because of the members of the group Cross Stitch Club Originals of which I am the main admin. If you are not already a member and would like to attend this retreat, please join here:

and then also join the group I specifically set up for this retreat:

I know it may seem ridiculous to have to join 2 groups to attend this retreat, but one of the things that makes my retreats so much fun is the fact that because we interact as a group online, when it comes to being in a room full of 150-200 people, you don’t walk in feeling like a stranger and not knowing anyone.

It does make a difference and just makes it so much more fun. And because so much planning goes into these retreats, having a group specifically for the retreat helps me to keep organized and make it so great.

If you are not on Facebook, but would like to attend the retreat, please send me an email at and I can get you signed up.


Based on attendance of prior years and people returning, do not wait too long to reserve a spot with at least partial payment. The attendance for previous retreats has been 150-200. Our maximum capacity for this event is 200  and so far there are approximately 128 spots already reserved. So don’t delay and get left out!  I hope to see you there! Any questions, please feel free to send Fae Kuhn a PM or email at

Also, plans for the Cross Stitch Club retreat for 2020 are underway for Reno, NV! Join this group to get those details!
2020 Cross Stitch Club Retreat – Reno, NV


To see the fun that was had at previous retreats, check out the links below:

2018 Cross Stitch Club Retreat Recap

Recap of 2015, 2016 and 2017 Cross Stitch Club Retreats


15 thoughts on “2019 Cross Stitch Club Retreat – Nashville, TN (Needlepointers welcome too!)

  1. Looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Hello Vickie! Yes, it really is a lot of fun! We just had our 4th annual retreat back in September and it was an absolute blast! If you want to see some of the pictures and details of the fun we had, you can go to the facebook group and check out the pictures and posts. I made it a public group once the retreat was over so you don’t have to join the group to check it out. 🙂

      Come join us in Nashville! 🙂

    2. I never cross stitched until my friend Lauren, asked me to come with her to Harrisburg, PA to a cross-stitch retreat. We met great people, had a great time and want to go again! Next retreat, I want to take a class. Thanks Fae for organizing this! I’m now working on my second project for my grandson coming April 1st!

      1. Sue,

        Welcome to the wonderful world of cross stitch and I am so happy to hear it was my event that inspired you to start! (I just hope you aren’t cursing me out for creating an addiction! LOL) I hope to see you at another retreat soon!

  2. Fae hosts the most amazing retreats.. you go to one and you’ll want to go for every single one of them.. she goes great lengths ensuring the best instructors, projects and locations for every single retreat she hosts. You will not be disappointed.

    1. Akshay,

      Thank you! 🙂 I know Nashville, TN is a bit far for you and probably out of the question you can attend, but hopefully you will consider coming to the Reno, NV retreat in June of 2020 since it’s more in your part of the country? 🙂

  3. The retreats that Fae has organized are absolutely amazing. I never knew there were so many others addicted to cross stitch like I am. It’s an opportunity to meet other stitchers, match names and faces from FB to real people, have fun, socialize and learn. The vendors, accommodations and classes are amazing. After attending my first retreat in 2015 I knew this was something that I would love to continue. I will be in Nashville.

    1. Thanks Karen! I appreciate all the help you have given me with organizing the Saran Ball Wrap game..looking forward to seeing the fun people have with this game again this year in Nashville! 🙂 See you in Nashville in 198 days! 🙂

  4. After attending the first cross stitch retreat and I looking forward to the Nashville this August and the one in Reno next year.
    Fae does a fantastic job and it’s always a wonderful time.
    See you in Nashville.

    1. Thanks Fran! It was such a pleasure meeting you at the 2016 retreat and missed you at the 2018 retreat! I look forward to seeing you in Nashville (and then Reno!). 🙂

  5. I have attended. 2 cross stitch retreats organized by Fae, with 2015 being my very first ever. I have made many new friends, and learned new techniques, and had tons of fun!!! Nothing beats it! I wish I was able to make it to the Nashville one, but I just can’t. So, to everyone going, I know you will love it!

    1. Thanks Sandy!! I missed you at the 2018 retreat and really wish you could attend Nashville. Start saving for Reno in 2020! lol 🙂

  6. Fae’s retreats are a blast. She has great vendors, classes and guest designers. I have attended 2 of hers and loved them. I have met wonderful new friends, and love seeing what everyone is working on. I will be at Nashville for sure.

  7. Fae,
    I have a question. Is it possible to shop the merchants if you cannot attend the retreat?
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Judy,

      Normally my retreats are a 3 day all inclusive event, however this year I am allowing one day attendees for $60. That gains you entry to the event to be able to shop with the vendors plus a commemorative tote. Due to the cost of this event, that is the least amount I can charge anyone for entry to the event. You can email me at if you have any more questions or you can PM me on Facebook. 🙂 Hope you will come join us even if just for a few hours as we have a lot of fun and it’s a great chance to make some new friends 🙂



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